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Web3 game Worldwide Webb raises $10 million from Pantera Capital

Web3 game Worldwide Webb raises $10 million from Pantera Capital

In its Series A funding round, investment firm Pantera Capital has invested $10 million in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Worldwide Webb.

Players can participate in quests and interact with the browser-based MMORPG's virtual economy by purchasing "land" and "real estate".

In the coming weeks, the project will release a new game - Blockbusterz, where NFT holders from popular collections like CryptoPunks, BAYC, and Doodles can fight each other.

The project will use the funds raised to expand the team and add support for new networks in addition to Ethereum.

Although the research shows that the NFT/Gaming category has fallen from 40% to 26% in the total number of transactions, relative to December.

John Dantoni, a researcher at The Block Research, is convinced that it is too early to talk about a drop in the interest of market participants in the sub-segment. According to him, this is more like a lull before the upcoming increase in the activity of venture investors.