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Tron Launches $100 Million Artificial Intelligence Fund

Tron Launches $100 Million Artificial Intelligence Fund

Blockchain smart contract Tron leans into the AI revolution with the launch of a new $100 million AI development fund.

The goal of the fund is to encourage developers to build applications on the Tron blockchain using new AI tools, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, both in the backend and in the development interface.

The move is part of a broader push to integrate AI with the Tron blockchain. Earlier this week, Tron founder Justin Sun tweeted that the platform will provide an “AI-centric decentralized payment framework” for ChatGPT and OpenAI, including Tron oracle WINkLink combined with DeFi applications JUST and SUN, as well as integrating AI into smart contract development and the APENFT marketplace.

"By combining AI technology with the security and efficiency of blockchain, AI developers can maximize their potential," Sun said.

The four pillars of AI Tron

Tron's AI development fund will initially focus on four key areas: an AI service payment platform, an AI-powered oracle, AI-powered investment management services, and AI-generated content.

According to a Tron spokesperson, the integration of Tron's DeFi infrastructure with artificial intelligence will provide "self-learning, on-the-fly adaptability in all aspects of decentralized commerce," including the creation and deployment of smart contracts, and payment layer protocols. , AI payment gateways, and currency settlements.

Tron aims to integrate AI-infused oracles into its Layer 1 blockchain, data-centric Layer 2 blockchain, BitTorrent Chain, and BTFS decentralized file storage system. Here, Tron envisions AI-enhanced data-related tasks, including basic SDKs for API calls and communications, as well as automatic adjustments to optimize the user experience and data transactions in decentralized applications (dapps).

Investment management services in the Tron ecosystem will use artificial intelligence to create more sophisticated and intelligent trading algorithms, perform real-time market trend analysis, develop more advanced and dynamic trading strategies, and make deeper investment decisions. AI will also be used to improve user safety by accurately predicting the direction of various assets, as well as the balance between users' assets and liabilities, reducing the risk of default and improving the utilization rate of funds.

Meanwhile, the integration of AI tools into content generation is expected to improve efficiency and open up new uses for NFTs on the Tron blockchain. On-the-fly user research using artificial intelligence will help inform creators and developers about market wants and needs. The utility of NFTs will be increased as artificial intelligence is used to develop new scenarios for the use of digital assets, which Tron predicts will cause massive disruption in legacy industries. One idea highlighted by Tron founder Justin Sun is to create personalized NFT resources for users by "analyzing textual requirements entered or existing NFT content."

While these four areas are the primary focus of Tron's AI development fund, the platform is actively seeking grant funding applications from developers with other innovative use cases. "This initiative hopes that developers will be inspired to use artificial intelligence in current and future applications built on the Tron blockchain," said a Tron spokesperson.