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How many collections on the Ton blockchain have crossed over a million dollars and have real value?

How many collections on the Ton blockchain have crossed over a million dollars and have real value?

One of the most popular Animals Red List projects. At the moment, they have sales of about $ 2 million. But what about the benefits and value for which it would be worth buying their NFTs? So far it's just beautiful *.Jpg.

More than a million were raised by TON Punks ($1.7 million), but they also do not bring real benefits to their owners. The third and last Russian millionaire project is TON Diamonds ($1.5 million). As far as I know, the project was created by developers associated with VK. With a slightly better benefit - there is a marketplace on which the commission is reduced for holders (but this is not accurate), that's probably all.

Another project, although not a million, but successfully launched on TON, was the author's collection of digital artist Ellen Sheidlin - Annihilation. Now the sales volume is slightly more than $422 thousand. However, visual aesthetics is too subjective. And besides beautiful art, by and large, the owner does not receive anything. However, Ellen Sheidlin is an established artist in certain circles, so this collection may have some added art value.

Even though there are a huge number of such collections on TON, among them, you can find more interesting things, albeit with a lower sales volume. For example, Whales Club ($270K) or Rocket Cosmonauts NFT ($16K).

Whales Club allows you to use the tools to create your projects. Also, NFT owners receive some accruals, although at the moment they are not systemic. As far as I understand, payments are related to the rarity of NFTs. And for NFT Rocket Cosmonauts holders, bonuses are provided in the TON Rocket exchange bot in the form of tokens (for some reason they are called tokens on the TON blockchain), which are traded on the site.

Also, after looking through a bunch of collections, I picked out TonAirplane, the project that sponsors the Tonex platform, which I already mentioned. Tonex was also created on the TON blockchain, where a marketplace was added to the functionality of the social network, where you can sell or buy NFT, and then make it an avatar in the same VK or on Tonex itself.

TonAirplane itself is a collection of NFT aircraft, whose owners receive daily payments in cryptocurrency for each aircraft and can enjoy benefits in the Tonex social network such as advertising discounts, reduced commissions for cryptocurrency transactions, etc.

Aircraft sales are now about $33 thousand, but if we evaluate not by the amount of money raised, but by the opportunities that NFT gives its owner, then this is one of the most useful collections. This is the only collection where I was able to see a specific list of benefits.

Conclusion: there are units of millionaire projects per TON...