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FTX Japan and Liquid Japan announced instructions on how to return assets

FTX Japan and Liquid Japan announced instructions on how to return assets

Bitcoin exchange FTX Japan (Liquid) presented a plan to return client funds. The process will be different for FTX Japan and Liquid Japan account holders.

First of all, FTX Trading Limited (hereinafter referred to as “headquarters”) filed for Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. ・We deeply apologize for causing great concern and inconvenience to our customers due to the long-term suspension of the service.

For the assets entrusted to us by our customers at FTX Japan and Liquid Japan, we are proceeding with system development so that withdrawals and withdrawals will be possible from the Liquid Japan web version. Specifically, you will be able to check your FTX Japan balance from the Liquid Japan web version, and then you will be able to withdraw/take out.

Customers using the Liquid Japan platform will be able to withdraw as usual.

Future timeline and roadmap

According to the timeline and roadmap below, we plan to start withdrawal and delivery services via Liquid Japan.

  1. Stage 1 - Opening a Liquid Japan Account - Eligible FTX Japan customers will be emailed a link to open a Liquid Japan account. If you already have a Liquid Japan account, this procedure is not necessary.
  2. Stage 2 - Check Balance and Transfer – You will be able to log into Liquid Japan to check your balance and transfer assets from FTX Japan to Liquid Japan.
  3. Stage 3 - Withdrawal and delivery services resumed - Withdrawals and deliveries from Liquid Japan will be possible.

Customers Eligible for Withdrawal/Delivery Service

Customers who have accounts in FTX Japan and Liquid Japan will be able to return the assets. Eligible customers will be sent an email with information on how to open a Liquid account in mid-January. When opening an account, it may be necessary for us to verify your identity, but in that case we will notify you individually.

Please note that the above timeline schedule may change depending on the progress of the external security audit.

In addition, customers of other FTX Trading and overseas affiliates:

Visit for the latest information.