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1inch partners with Beefy yield optimizer

1inch partners with Beefy yield optimizer
  • API 1inch integrates with Beefy's new ZAP V2
  • This will allow you to easily enter and exit Beefy pools with any tokens.
  • To celebrate the launch, there are zero commissions throughout January
  • And there will also be a promotion with an airdop of Optimism tokens

1inch has partnered with multi-chain yield optimizer Beefy. As part of it, the 1inch API is integrated with the new version of ZAP V2. It will allow users to select Beefy yield products without purchasing any coins other than those already in their wallets.

Beefy's ZAP V2 is available on the BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Fantom, Avalanche, and Aurora networks.

How to use the product

The client finds the pool through the filter and clicks the "Select token" drop-down menu on the "Deposit" tab. There he will be prompted to select an asset for making a deposit. In the Zap Route section, we see the route suggested by 1inch and Beefy. It shows how much the user will receive after deducting all costs, and you can also choose your preferred level of slippage.

Action in honor of partnership

To celebrate the launch of ZAP V2, Beefy is waiving fees for the entire month of January. After that, a commission of 0.05% is introduced for each transaction.

Airdrop of Optimism tokens

In addition, Beefy will run a promotion for ZAP V2 users on the Optimism Network. As part of the activity, they will give away 5,000 OP tokens.