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Utility Ape

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Date releases

09 Sep 01:30

Pre-sale date

09 Sep 01:00

Mint price

1.18 SOL

Pre-sale price

1.18 SOL


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About collection

As a team of web3 industry veterans with over 10 years of web3 experience and over 40 successful project launches between us, our approach is to take the lessons from our prior projects to provide a new set of tools that we wish we had prior access to. In addition, we will be a community driven project, taking in observations and suggestions from our members as to what future enhancements are most valuable as web3 matures.

The backbone of our project and first tool is the Utility APE Engagement Bot. This bot encompasses a system to encourage and reward community engagement and growth by tracking and providing points / tokens for user social activity. Although in it's infancy, our own discord server has industry leading engagement statistics by utilizing this bot.

The utility system will be offered in the form of a store front, whereby users can exchange the points and token they earn for prizes. Prizes will be in the form of NFTs, Tokens, bot access and features and Steam games among others. We already have a number of prizes in place, and will continue to build this out as our project and partnerships grow.

Community security is the final pillar of our project. Like many of you, we are tired of seeing hackers compromising our communities, ruining the hard work that we've all put in, and alienating the people we've fostered along the way. We are therefore building a set of tools that prevent social hacks, including methods to restore services even if an admin account gets compromised.

This in summary is the plan behind Utility Ape. We look forward to improving web3 projects and communities with all of you.

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