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Star Racers

Star Racers
Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

24 Mar 17:00

Pre-sale date

23 Mar 17:00

Mint price

0.04 ETH

Pre-sale price

0.03 ETH


Ethereum Ethereum

Total supply



About collection

The Star Racer NFT Mint is an exciting opportunity for players to own a unique digital game asset within the world of Rocket Monsters. This game asset mint offers players the chance to own one of three exclusive hoverbikes, each with its own unique set of attachment slots and performance capabilities.

There are three tiers of hoverbikes to be minted in the Star Racer NFT Mint, each with its own set of capabilities and customization options. The Tier 1 Hoverbike has 4 attachment slots, the Tier 2 Hoverbike has 5 attachment slots, and the rarest and most coveted of all is the Tier 3 Hoverbike with 6 attachment slots. Each tier of hoverbike offers players a different level of performance, customization, and prestige within the Star Racer community.

Experience the thrill of the race track and engage in exhilarating combat with every minted Star Racer, equipped with a powerful 500 horsepower engine and fully loaded guns to start your adventure in style!

The attachments available in-game for each hoverbike can be used to enhance speed, handling, appearance, and more. These digital assets can also be traded, sold, or gifted to other players, adding even more value and excitement to the Star Racer experience.

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of the action in Star Racers with the Star Racer NFT Mint!

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