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Solty Krakens

Solty Krakens
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About collection

Solty Krakens will deliver a high quality art with all traits being drawn by hand. Our Artist came up with a simple & clean but catchy style which we all loved at the first glance.

Solty Krakens is a collection of exclusive 3333 NFTs — unique digital collectibles. It was created using signature traits and attributes that were run through an algorithm to ensure each NFT has its own rarity level and properties.

Solty Krakens are launching on Solana Blockchain because we love Solana Blockchain and could not tolerate ETH gas fees for a Charity project.

Kraken has been picked by the Founder and fits perfectly with one of our mission — Ocean Conservation Charities Donations. We are also proud to stand out as Krakens in the market oversaturated with all kinds of animals from Apes to Dogs, Cats and etc.

Solty Krakens want to empower individual fundraisers by making sure they are being charged a reasonable fee and will receive their funds regardless of any government regulations or restrictions, as the smart contract will be set to perform all transactions automatically without any human being involved in the process and being able to control the process in any way.

Everyone who joins Solty Krakens and becomes part of the family where he/ she will be always supported and even helped in a financial way, as we are a charity project and will always look after our community.

With that said, the less we spend on Marketing, the more will be donated towards ocean conservation. You spreading the word could help save our Ocean and the whole planet!

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