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Sol Kings

Sol Kings
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06 Dec 19:00

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About collection

SOL Kings is a community of SOL NFT OGs, which evolved into a DAO with an aim to contribute back to the ecosystem with all their accumulated experience IRL and in the Solana space.

The DAO has the vision to revolutionize the space by utilizing the latest technologies available on the blockchain and building useful integrations to open the Solana community to the outside world.

A collection of 3500 Kings will descend from the four corners of the empire (Northern, Southern, eastern and western kingdoms) to form the SolKings army.

A collection of 3500 kings, to represent the 4 corners of the great empire.

> Northern Kings. They will be themed as the Viking/Scottish/Irish Kings. 

> Southern Kings. They will be themed as the African Kings.

> Eastern Kings. They will be themed as the Asian Kings. 

> Western Kings. They will be themed as the English Kings. 

> Great 1/1s Kings. They will be themed as the element of Ice, Fire, Earth, and Wind Kings. 

Each Kingdom's Kings will be generated separately and they will all merge into a united Sol Kings Collection in one mint. 

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