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Planetary Scores™

Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

20 Mar 21:24

Pre-sale date

20 Mar 18:24

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0.1 ETH

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About collection

Planetary Scores™ is an animated, audiovisual, and space-themed NFT collection. Inspired by planets, galaxies, and cinematic music, indulge in the many dimensions of sound and motion animation within this genesis collection. Artwork and music were designed and composed by Mozart Louis.

For transparency, 13 Tokens will be minted during the amazing team stage of this mint, A 2% allocation of this project

Have you ever wondered what music would sound like, on the Moon? Mars? Venus? Jupiter? Neptune? Uranus? We left earth, to find out

Watch the thrilling trailer of the introduction to Planetary Scores™!

These NFTs we're brought to life with custom compositions made by Mozart Louis. Indulge in the many different types of music, styles, soundscapes and much more. You will find that there is no limit to the depth of sound in this collection!

Some audio was mixed, mastered and rendered to binaural audio, which makes the sound feel more lifelike and 3D! Take a listen for yourself, Headphone is recommended! 🎧

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