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The pigs visiting the Town, Mint is coming soon ooiinnkkk ooooiiIIINNnkkk oink 🐷 🧌 = farmers are working full time; feeding, grooming the pigs πŸ– before the pigs are available to mint for the public.! Go check Twitter for Updates! Be active on a Twitter like a pig 🐽 to get a WL spot for a free mint.

These digital pigs are not your typical cute and clean barnyard animals. They're unique, one-of-a-kind, it’s like - where being dirty and muddy is not just a way of life it's an art form! and digital ownership is a thing of beauty.

They're from Pigstown, wtf they're used to it! Imagine a pig wearing a mud-covered tuxedo. NotGuaranteed to bring a smile to your face and possibly some bacon to your wallet however, you can have all the piggy fun without the smell, the mess and the oinking.

Have a muddy-licious day! Oink…

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