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Date releases

19 Sep 16:00

Pre-sale date

18 Sep 16:00

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0.06 ETH

Pre-sale price

0.02 ETH


Ethereum Ethereum

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About collection

The remains of 6,666 NumbSkulls are buried on the blockchain. But this isn’t the end. They’re dying to get to the real world. NumbSkulls are a native Web3 brand and generative art collection featuring minimal and iconic designs. SVG vector file format. Any color is rare. CSS animation is rare. IP rights provided.

NumbSkulls are a generative art collection of 6,666 minimally designed vector NFT characters. The collection is a study of minimal character design and iconography by the published and award winning designer, @damcreativ. NumbSkulls are art, design, collectibles, and a native Web3 brand.

The collection features over 200 minimally designed traits within 4 visible properties. By keeping it simple, there is a wide range of diversity within the collection. Also, NumbSkulls are generated in the SVG vector file format. As a result, each design is infinitely scalable and editable.

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