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15 Mar 12:30

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About collection

A collection house project, the main task of which is to use NFT as a tool to help announce and uncover physical art instantaneously for the whole world, protect its uniqueness, perpetuate both its digital copy and its authorship, create a certificate of authenticity of an art object, interact with a community interested in developing art in the form of a multipurpose entity.


The presented 10K collection is assembled by hand from every corner of our big world.

We carefully monitor the representation of artists from almost every country in order to form a common and full-fledged modern cultural layer at the moment.

The effectiveness of a first-of-its-kind collection of 10,000 NFTs generated from physical paintings is multifaceted:

  • A collective response of physical art to digital art
  • Fundraising for project implementation
  • Building an active community of collectors and artists
  • Equal terms of promotion and sale for contemporary artists

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