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Moonie Moo

Moonie Moo
Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

06 Mar 23:00

Pre-sale date

06 Mar 16:00

Mint price

0.077 ETH

Pre-sale price

0.055 ETH


Ethereum Ethereum

Total supply



About collection

Welcome to the world of Moonie Moo, a brand-new creation by Keith Chapman, the creator of Bob the Builder and PAW Patrol. Keith’s creations have generated global sales of US$19 billion to date. Moonie Moo is his first creation in Web3.

The Moonie Moo Genesis Collection is an evolving NFT, meaning Art will evolve along with this project. Currently based on a sketch by Keith Chapman, your NFT will morph into the actual cartoon character over time.

Moonie Moo is being offered in the form of 7,777 NFTs each one being designed showing her dressed in one of her fashion outfits, outrageous wigs, shoes, bags, jewellery, or watches from her latest collections. Moonie shows off her magnificent homes, exotic cars, private jet, superyacht, and her adorable puppies! There are ten very rare golden NFT’s to be minted and one very special, once-in-a-blue-moonie NFT, which will go to one very lucky owner. Moonie has high hopes that her NFT sale will be a huge success. She wants buyers to milk their NFT for all they are worth in the years to come.

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