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Moonie Moo

Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

27 Nov 15:00

Pre-sale date

27 Nov 08:00

Mint price

0.6 ETH

Pre-sale price

0.6 ETH


Ethereum Ethereum

Total supply


About collection

An original NFT concept from the creator of PAW Patrol, Keith Chapman.

Each of the 10,000 Moonie Moo NFTs are all uniquely randomly generated from over 200 possible traits, including attitude, hairstyles, jewellery, clothing, shoes, handbags and more.

Each NFT doubles up as a share of the Moonie Moo business empire. A proportion of the profits from all cartoon TV series, music releases, merchandise sales, brand ambassadorships and more from the Intellectual Property (IP) of the ‘Moonie Moo’ brand will be paid out to all NFT holders in ETH.

All Moonie Moos are super-glam, some rarer than others, but regardless of this each will cost the same price to mint.

All Moonie Moos are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System).

The cost to mint your own Moonie Moo NFT will be 1.0ETH with the Whitelisted Sale commencing on 27th November at 08:00 UTC and the Public Sale following 7 hours later at 15:00 UTC.

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