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Mayfair Witches

Mayfair Witches
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07 Mar 21:30

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07 Mar 21:00

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0.033 ETH


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About collection

In partnership with AMC, Orange Comet is proud to present this complex world full of witches, vampires, and all things mystical & supernatural to Web3.


We invite you to join our community, made up of spiritualists, witches, and all manner of powerful beings who are enlightened, empowered, and eager to share ideas, learn, and support each other. A place that celebrates uniqueness and all are welcomed!

And it all starts with the MAYFAIR WITCHES PASS....

This epic pass is not just your entry into this magical community but access into a realm where your mystical avatar journeys through the enigma of all that comes alive when you embrace your spiritual self, leading to a virtual collect-to-earn Metaverse like no other.

The Mayfair Witches Pass is your key to enter Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe, and they come in three (3) different Rarities: DESIGNATED (10%), POWERFUL (20%), and GIFTED (70%). AND one of the passes will be revealed as a super unique 1:1 NFT with ultra-rare utilities & exclusive perks. 

6666 Exclusive members-only benefits include:

  • Access to the Immortal Universe where you can Collect-2-Earn
  • 2 signed Mayfair Witches Scripts and other autographed items
  • Access to Special guests on Discord, including tarot readers, fortune tellers, astrologists, inspirational thought leaders and more
  • Be part of scheduled “Witching Wine Hours”, where the community can connect virtually (and magically) to empower each other (first one to take place March 2023)
  • Access to trips to filming locations for Mayfair Witches and other supernatural/spiritual locations
  • Giveaways of spellbox gifts containing lotions, potions, and tinctures
  • Access to Limited Edition Physical Commemorative Item
  • Access to Free Airdrops of Mayfair Witches NFTs
  • Access to Exclusive Limited Editions of Mayfair Witches Mints

Exclusive perks for the 1:1 Unique NFT include:

  • Guaranteed New Orleans trip to visit the set of Mayfair Witches
  • A replica of the actual prop key from the Mayfair Witches series
  • Signed Mayfair Witches script
  • Interview with the Vampire Immortal NFT Pass
  • The Walking NFT package, which includes 3 NFTs
  • A Corrupted Bot NFT from Orange Comet’s upcoming first Original Project

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