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memes & deth (MAD)

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21 Feb 14:00

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About collection

Street-Art & Crypto-Art are connected.

After all, street-artists are the first ones who started decades ago to seize the memes of production.

memes & deth about crypto street-art, aka the MAD collection, is a collective tribute to Street-Art entering the Web3 space.

The project is built around a very new artistic experimentation.

💡Introducing the first-ever auction mechanism based on NFT burns that will be making the collection evolve over time with new 1:1 pieces from new artists entering the collection while shortening the supply to concentrate its value.

The collection is led by the glitch virtuoso niftyjutsu who is initiating a CC0 movement gathering already more than 20 crypto-artists, who have all worked on 1:1 pieces about Crypto Street-Art that in their own style. They will be added to the collection overtime using the auction/burn system.

These initial 4269 Madsouls, seized from the flames of the bear market, are featuring the best references to crypto culture, memes and street-art in a gritty, high contrast, deth glitch style.

The auction/burn mechanism:

Shortly after the initial MAD Freemint, collectors will be presented with new 1:1 pieces.

They will be minted within the same MAD collection and put to auctions.

Collectors will be able to bid for these pieces, not with an amount of Eth, but with an amount of MAD NFTs they are committing to burn in order to get a new 1of1.

The winning bid will burn and the collector will receive the 1:1 as a result.

In order to reward the entering artists, a fraction of the winning bid will be saved from the flames and transferred to the artist's wallet.

Moreover the royalties will be managed at token level so that each artist is getting royalties for the sales of his/her 1:1 on the secondary market.

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