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Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

21 Sep 19:00

Pre-sale date

20 Sep 19:00

Mint price

0.02 ETH

Pre-sale price

0.01 ETH


Ethereum Ethereum

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About collection

a:rzMETA presents a limited edition NFT in collaboration with the KTMF KPOP COVER CONTEST:

KTMF PASS NFT, unveiled alongside the KTMF KPOP COVER Metaverse contest, acts as a gateway into the a:rzMETA Web3.0 ecosystem.

KTMF PASS NFT is an NFT collection from the a:rzMETA web3.0 ecosystem, launched in conjunction with the a:rzMETA metaverse's KTMF KPOP COVER CONTEST. It's an innovative NFT on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain that integrates a membership service – which acts as an entry ticket to the a:rzMETA web3.0 environment – and generative art driven by AI. As a utility-focused NFT, it offers a slew of benefits and encapsulates the value of digital art, distinguishing it as a special edition within the a:rzMETA realm. Each NFT includes a PASS ticket granting access to the exclusive a:rzMETA KTMF community and five costume items that avatars can wear within the a:rzMETA metaverse.

The limited edition costume parts and sets offered as benefits of the NFT allow users to freely dress their avatars, personalize their avatars, fostering their unique identity in the metaverse and offering a novel experience in the a:rzMETA ecosystem.

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