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Gamers King

Gamers King
Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

03 Dec 16:00

Pre-sale date

03 Dec 16:00

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0.8 SOL

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FREE mint


Solana Solana

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About collection

All hail the Gamers King

The King that will one day govern the Metaverse and the City of Solana.

Each gamer have a royal blood flowing in their veins and is next in line to the thrones.

Which Gamers will be the one and true king? Nobody knows.

Gamers King was born in the lab of a mad artist famously known as Dondyaul under the command of our KingV1 and KingV2. Gamers King intended to expand its community to the world by making Gamers as our niche which made up 41% of the total world population.

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