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Fitness Fiends

Fitness Fiends
Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

17 Jun 16:00

Pre-sale date

15 Jun 15:00

Mint price

0.019 ETH

Pre-sale price

0.015 ETH


Ethereum Ethereum

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About collection

Fitness Fiends is a collection of 6,666 high quality 3D NFTs, comprising of 7 fiendish characters and over 100 traits. Fitness Fiends has already partnered up with huge companies such as OpenSea, who Fitness Fiends is a featured drop for and Matrix, a global leader in fitness.

Fitness Fiends is here to revolutionise the fitness industry by becoming the first fitness company to fully merge the world of fitness with web3. This will be achieved by offering holders of a Fitness Fiends NFT a whole array of both real world and digital utilities...


All holders of a Fitness Fiends NFT will benefit from the following utilities: 

šŸ‘• Free Product Claiming

The first product free to all holders is the Fitness Fiends shaker. Images of these can be found on our socials.

šŸ’° Staking

You'll be able to stake your Fiend and in return earn $FIEND which will be accepted in the Fitness Fiends store and gym.

šŸ‹ļø Free Gym Membership

Alongside our parter Matrix Fitness, we'll be opening gym which our holders will have free access to.

šŸŒ Free Fitness Based Metaverse Access

This will be the ultimate environment to train, game and socialise with other Fiends.

šŸ›ļø Store Discounts

Huge exclusive discounts in the Fitness Fiends clothing, supplement and accessory store.

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