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Daily Gainerz Club

Daily Gainerz Club
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22 Jul 10:00

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21 Jul 10:00

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About collection

Community focused on winning every day with daily lotteries.

Roadmap Step 1

Creating a community consisting of individuals aiming to change their lives by earning money through NFTs. Brainstorming fun ways to earn money through NFTs within this community and creating a community plan.

Roadmap Step 2

Developing plans to ensure that everyone who joins the community can consistently earn money without exception. Creating strategies that both preserve the privileges of community members in each NFT collection and expand the community.

Roadmap Step 3

Setting up social media accounts to reach more people and grow the community. Preparing necessary sponsored advertisements to promote Daily Gainerz Club to a wider audience. Organizing various giveaways on Twitter multiple times a day.

Roadmap Step 4

Initiating work for the first NFT Lottery collection, aiming to generate income and grow the community. Creating necessary designs (logo, banner, etc.) Introducing the first NFT Lottery collection and preparing the required contracts on Opensea for secure minting.

Roadmap Step 5

Determining the minting date for the first Lottery NFT collection. Continuing promotions and making necessary preparations for minting. Developing and promoting the website. Determining rewards to be distributed within the community in the first NFT collection, and announcing the rewards on the website and Twitter. Initiating the minting process after determining the minting date.

Roadmap Step 6

After the minting process is completed, preparing the Discord server specifically for those who have purchased NFTs from the first collection and joined our community. Announcing the winners of lucky tickets on Discord, distributing rewards, and planning for other collections together with the community on Discord

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