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Colizeum ELITE NFT

Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

24 Nov 15:00

Pre-sale date

24 Nov 12:00

Mint price

FREE mint

Pre-sale price

FREE mint


Ethereum Ethereum

Total supply


About collection

Colizeum NFT holders (Elite, Gladiators)

  • Earn daily based on Energy spent playing games.
  • By collecting in-game assets as NFTs and trading them.
  • Finishing game-specific tasks, quests, levelling up.
  • Winning in paid tournaments.
  • Receive surprise rewards (NFTs, tokens, access to events, etc.).
  • Scholarship.

Players who do not own Colizeum NFT still can earn revenue by winning in paid tournaments. The participation fee has to be paid in advance – using Colizeum secondary tokens $CGOLD.

Elite earns up to 25% of the revenue earned by every Gladiator they minted. The more active Gladiator Rights of receiving revenue from Gladiators minted are inseparable from the Elite and do not depend on who is an actual Gladiator’s NFT owner.

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