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Code Sekai

Code Sekai
Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

15 Jun 18:00

Pre-sale date

15 Jun 10:00

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0.08 ETH

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0.069 ETH


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About collection

Code Sekai is the collection of 5,555 unique characters, granting holders access to various experiences in the ecosystem and own their characters with copyrights. Code Sekai is a home for story-lovers, competitors and gamers who have passion in anime cultures.Code Sekai's PFP is dynamic NFT, meaning holders can customize some part of the artwork by changing equipments inside the web-based game.

The world of Code Sekai is a civilized world with a struggling history and many unknown pasts. According to the history log, many hundred years ago, the makers proudly built a massive tower called Meta Tower, to communicate with other dimensions. Unfortunately, it exploded by accident, causing the rift monsters known as Xenolith to break out and destroy all living things in their paths.

Because of their physical limitations, the makers were continuously suffering from the Xenolith’s outrages, until they finally converted Xenolith’s core crystal into living weapons known as Automata to fight back. A long war, however, leads the makers to their extinction. Only Automata was left. As their body can be replaced at will, they have finally achieved their ultimate goal, bringing victory to their long-gone masters. The tower was sealed forever with its monster inside.

Yet their fate has not released them from their tasks, as the makers blessed them with eternal life, their body still decayed over time. Material shortages force them to reopen the tower in order to gather more materials. History will repeat itself in a different way this time.

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