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Buff Monster

Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

23 Sep 12:00

Pre-sale date

22 Sep 12:00

Mint price

0.2 ETH

Pre-sale price

0.2 ETH


Ethereum Ethereum

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About collection

The Mini Melties is a collection of 2000 generative animations,

created by Buff Monster and animated by Jimmy in Motion.

The basis for this art collection is Buff Monster’s signature character called “Mister Melty”, presented here in mini form. Having used Mister Melty for over 10 years for murals, paintings, prints, and everything in between, this was a unique opportunity for Buff to explore the possibilities of generative artwork, looping animation, and the permanence that the blockchain offers.

Over many months, Jimmy in Motion tweaked and finessed all the various elements so they move, drip and bounce in a smooth manner with uncompromising precision. This has all necessitated much more attention to detail than a non-animated generative project would have required.

And now it has finally culminated in the collection: 2000 unique characters endlessly and optimistically marching into the future. Each animation is represented by a ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

(200 tokens are reserved for the team, artist, and future giveaways)

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