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Beach Ladies

Beach Ladies
Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

21 Mar 18:00

Pre-sale date

21 Mar 17:00

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0.05 ETH

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0.04 ETH


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About collection

This collection represents one of the initial instances where Artificial Intelligence explores depictions of the female body and feminine interactions in an abstract manner. It amalgamates several contemporary trends such as AI, NFT, abstract art, and the female form, which have a perennial appeal.

The Beach Ladies collection is a limited collection of 1001 pieces of abstract art generated by AI and hand-picked. Each 1/1 NFT is a unique and original work of art and a rare NFT collectible.

Abstract art can be a way for artists to represent the female body in a non-literal or non-representational manner. Rather than depicting the body in a realistic or figurative way, abstract art can explore form, color, and texture to evoke emotions, experiences, or concepts related to the female body.

Abstract art can be a way for artists to challenge traditional representations of the female body and explore new and alternative ways of seeing and representing this subject. However, it is important to note that like all art, abstract art is a personal expression of the artist and may reflect their own experiences, perspectives, and biases.

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