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Unverified Collection Unverified Collection

Date releases

25 Nov 20:00

Pre-sale date

24 Nov 14:00

Mint price

75 ADA

Pre-sale price

60 ADA


Cardano Cardano

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About collection

A collection of 1500 Genesis eggs are home to some of the most supernatural creatures. We are a community aiming to utilise the power of advanced machine learning to bring to life some of the worlds most mythical creatures. Our goal is to build a virtual world in which we can explore and marvel at these creatures. This all starts with our Genesis eggs.

The Pioneers

The beginning of the Automatica universe starts with the formation of the community. The Automatica Pioneers, the most trusted and loyal members are selected with the upmost highest requirements and are invited to be the first inhabitants of the community.

The focus of this period is to lay the foundations for the future development of the community and to bring forth the first glimpses of the Genesis eggs.


The True Beginning

The second chapter in our journey marks the release of the Genesis eggs. Pioneers will lead the acquisition of the great Genesis eggs with other chosen members following closely behind. The public will then be given the opportunity to acquire their own Genesis eggs.

The Genesis eggs mark the true beginning of our story. These eggs will require nurturing and care up until the Season of Hatching.

Hatching Season

The Time Has Come

The Season of Hatching is now upon us. Incubators keep the Eggs in their most optimum conditions ready for the birth of the long awaited creatures. Will you be able to tame these creatures or will they find a new owner, only you can decide their fate.

The New World

Genesis Islands

Our scientists here at Automatica have recently discovered the location of a desert island just off the coast of Cardania. They have decided to name it Genesis Island. They have notified us that the island is split up into several biomes which closely match that of the creature types.

Could this be their home?

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